BioAsia 2017
BioAsia 2017, Health & Access Conference

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Key Chalenges
IFCAI Objectives
  • To promote and ensure capacity building in Infection control training and research.
  • To award recognition in Infection control programmes.
  • To undertake all activities aimed at creating awareness to address the increasing health challenge faced by India.
  • To focus on creating higher standards of Hygiene and Infection Control, driving public health oriented research and consultancy initiatives for shaping Hygiene and Infection Control policies.
  • To offer customized programmes to address India’s Hygiene and Infection Control needs.
  • To create meaningful career prospects and opportunities for Hygiene and Infection Control professionals.
  • To establish standards in Hygiene and Infection Control education by enabling the formation of an independent accreditation system.
  • To create a network of world class institutes and faculty for training and producing high quality Hygiene and Infection Control professionals.
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